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Why blogs are an important part of SaaS SEO Strategy?

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Why do we write blogs? Or why do we read blogs? We write blogs because we know that someone will read, right? I’m writing this blog because I know that someone will read this blog. And that “someone” is you. You may be reading this blog because you know me as a SaaS SEO Consultant and you like to read the blogs I write, or you may be a SaaS business owner interested in learning about what can be done in SEO for your SaaS business. There is a definite reason why you are reading this blog. And, there is a definite reason why I decided to write on this topic.

Well, what’s the reason I decided to write a blog on “Why blogs are an important part of SaaS SEO Strategy?”?. It’s because of my SEO Strategy which I have planned to rank for the keyword “SaaS SEO Consultant”. I’ve planned to write blogs around SaaS SEO and cover whatever topics are possible to write around “SaaS SEO”.

If you are running a SaaS business then you also have a reason why you are reading this blog. It’s definitely because you want to know how you can leverage blogs for SaaS SEO strategy. And, that’s what I am going to help you with.

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A google sheet containing a list of blog URLs of A red arrow pointing the total no. of blogs ClickUp has that is 1807 as of 8th December 2023. has 1807 blogs on the website as of 8th December, 2o23. They do good content marketing to promote their SaaS product.

3 Reasons why SaaS businesses should blog

Before we start, did you know that “blog” is the short form of “weblog”?

1. Brand Visibility – Trust – Conversion

Writing blogs around your target audience for the SaaS product will help you in brand visibility. Your target audience will get familiar with your brand and they will know that you exist on this planet. This will serve two purposes – first, they will get to know about your brand or SaaS product, second, this will build trust and influence their decision-making when they are planning to buy. People buy from trusted and known brands. You go to any mall and you prefer to buy products from a familiar brand/company than any new company or something you haven’t heard before. That’s why, your brand visibility plays a very crucial role in marketing your SaaS product.

2. Dominate search results

If you are planning to do SEO then you must have selected some keywords that you want your website to rank at the top. But do you know besides ranking at the top for the commercial keywords related to your product you can leverage your competitors’ brand keywords? Yes, have a look at my blog to know how you can hijack competitors’ brand keywords.

With the help of blogs, you can dominate the search results related to your target audience’s search queries. You can try to rank for whatever your target audience is searching on search results. In the very first place you need to have a buyer persona ready for your SaaS product and in that way, you will have a clear understanding of whom to target with your blogs. Make a list of topics your target audience is searching online and write blogs on them. This way, you will get the attention of your target audience.

By covering as many topics as you can around your target audience, you will increase your chances of marketing and capturing the audience. Try to dominate search results for the relevant search queries related to your SaaS product and the target audience.

3. Hook

After you have dominated search results now it is the time to SELL like HELL! When you become a familiar brand you become a trusted voice and everyone believes what you say. You can leverage this trust to build a loyal audience/follower base and promote your product. You can build an email list for the newsletter, etc.

You can sell more easily when they are familiar with your brand. If you are ranking at the top for commercial keywords which are directly associated with your SaaS product but your brand name is less familiar to them then they are not going to buy even if you are ranking at the top. This is where Google Ads fails because by pouring money you will manage to place your website at the top but the visitors will not convert because they haven’t heard about you ever and you just came out of the blue. So, it’s highly necessary to not just try to rank for direct purchase intent commercial keywords but to rank for informational intent keywords for marketing your brand. If you want to rank at the top for direct purchase intent commercial keywords then read my blog on how to rank for competitive commercial keywords.