Online Reputation Management Specialist

Online Reputation Management specialist

Online Reputation Management is very essential these days. If you are a person/brand and you are worried about your reputation online then you must seek the help of an Online Reputation Management Specialist. 

Hi! I am Chinmay Mahanta. I am an SEO consultant and Online Reputation Management Specialist (ORM Specialist) who have good knowledge and experience about how internet works, functioning of search engines like Google, and other niche specific or site specific search mechanisms.

How am I eligible for providing online reputation management services?

I am SEO specialist with over 3+ years of experience and have been managing SEO and online reputation and brand reputation for my clients with my SEO and digital marketing skills which are primarily used in Online Reputation Management Services by an Online Reputation Management Specialist.  

I know :

  • to manage online reviews, 
  • manage and optimize forums and build presence and reputation on forum platforms, 
  • social media reputation management, 
  • create blogs/websites and rank them to the top positions, 
  • online mentions tracking and auditing,  
  • content removal or suppression,
  • content creation to tackle negative posts/talks/comments and reviews,
  • PR strategies for reputation building and management,
  • to leverage ORM tools for online reputation management.

How would I help you as an online reputation management specialist?

As an online reputation management specialist with my skills and knowledge could help you with tackling the negative post/comments/reviews and build a good reputation online. If you are worried about people who are talking negatively about you or trying to defame you then I will help you to build strategy and implement to tackle with these issues. I will help you to build your reputation on the internet by several possible ways to get noticed by your target audience.

Who should hire me for online reputation management service?

If you want to maintain your reputation online then you must contact me.
If you are:
  • a celebrity
  • a brand/company
  • a public figure
  • a victim of online defamation, or
  • a normal person who want to maintain/create the reputation online
then you must contact me.